Smoking was a way of life

Stephen P worked in an environment where smoking was a way of life - enjoying cigarettes over a drink after work, socialising at weekends. He had also smoked in the office throughout his working life and would not have contemplated life without them: "For over eighteen years cigarettes were an essential part of me - I would never have left home without them!"

Stephen joined the 'NicoBloc Stop Smoking Programme' in an attempt to give up, despite admitting "to be honest, I was not entirely certain I wanted to stop smoking, mainly because I had tried giving up before using all sorts of methods, which only succeeded in driving me up the wall because the nicotine craving was too intense. Added to which I had convinced myself that I loved my cigarettes and life was hardly worth living without them!"

The 'NicoBloc Stop Smoking Programme' was initially set up to help smokers who worked in corporate environments which had changed their smoking policies. Stephen, whilst enjoying cigarettes, was aware of the importance of giving up: "Something inside me told me that what I was doing was unhealthy, unnecessary and expensive. Using NicoBloc to give up smoking has changed Stephen's life and he is proud to call himself a former smoker. "Having stubbed out my last cigarette I can honestly say that if I can give up, anyone can! I must say I feel really good about myself now - I feel better and healthier and I have put all the money I have saved aside in a savings account. I never thought that I would be able to give up and I've done it - it's a great feeling."