My name is David O'Reilly and I am a non-smoker

Like all smokers who want to stop, David O'Reilly found it strange to imagine a time when he didn't smoke. Having smoked since he was 19, at 42 he admitted feeling afraid at the prospect of giving up something which was so important a part of his life - his crutch. Yet waking up with a cough and sore chest, and aware of the harm and pain he was causing to his wife and friends, David decided that it was time to ditch his 30-a-day habit. "I love cigarettes, as I'm sure every smoker does," David thought to himself. "But this love-affair is going to slowly kill you!"

Having made the decision to stop smoking, he searched for a method that would help him stop at his own pace. "NicoBloc appealed to me because I could continue smoking during giving up - I set the date and started putting one drop of this magical fluid to the filter of every cigarette. This reduced the nicotine I inhaled by 33%, and within a week I was down to 20-a-day.

The psychology is great because as you have to put this liquid on the filter of each cigarette, you are always conscious of wanting to stop. You also begin to realise that smoking puts you in a kind of jail - everywhere I went I was accompanied by my two warders: my lighter, and my pack of 20. By week 2, I was putting two drops of NicoBloc on my cigarettes, and I got down to 15-a-day."

It wasn't all an easy ride, however, as everyone trying to give up an addiction knows, but by week 6, using 3 drops on each cigarette blocking 99% of nicotine, I was down to 10-a-day and I really wanted to stop."

David O'Reilly stubbed out his last cigarette at 10.30pm on Sunday 1st September 2002 and hasn't looked back after breaking his 23-year addiction. "Yes, I suffer pangs and I have good days and bad days, but the fear of giving up was lessened by using NicoBloc, and because I was weaning myself off nicotine it was easier to stop than if I had gone from 30 to 0 in a day."

In urging other smokers to escape from nicotine, David has some tips for stopters: "Watch the hunger pangs and keep fresh fruit and vegetables around.

But being able to say 'My name is David O'Reilly and I am a non-smoker' is the best feeling of all. I know I can never have another cigarette, or even a cigar, but knowing that I have broken my addiction to nicotine, and have improved not only my lifestyle but my wife and friends' too, is an unbeatable triumph!"