I had never tried to give up before

I smoked about 10 a day (double that if I was out for a few pints) and started when I was 16/17 (I'm 26 now). I had never tried to give up before but we bought a house and I was determined not to "smoke" in the new house.

Back in September I got NicoBloc and within 6 weeks I was down to 3/4 a day. I stayed like that for a few weeks, still using the NicoBloc, and on New Years day I stopped altogether.

There was no way I could have done that if I hadn't used NicoBloc to cut down. It definitely prepared me for the big day. When I first heard my friend telling me about NicoBloc I found it very interesting - the fact that you can still smoke as you're stopping is key.

I think by the time I stopped altogether the physical need for cigarettes was at a minimum, so I found it quite easy in the end. The first few days was a bit dodgy but after that it was ok.


Aidan Mullen