'Little Brother' wins first place with NicoBloc

I saw your product at the National Tobacco Health conference in San Francisco last November. Your bright staff were very professional and gave me a sample of NicoBloc, which I took home and started looking at closely.

I am a Big Brother in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters Program and my 'little' is a 13-year-old boy who decided to use NicoBloc as part of his Science Fair project.

His mom had tried numerous times to stop smoking with other methods but was not successful. She agreed to try NicoBloc and see if she could successfully stop. As part of his project, he took her blood pressure and pulse morning and night for a three-week period to see if her blood nicotine level, her pulse and BP would go down.

The project was a success in two ways. First he won first place at his school in the health section of the Science Fair and second, his mom was able to stop smoking using the NicoBloc system. She is so happy to be smoke free!

This has produced a small problem though as I can't seem find a drug store in my town that stocks it and people are starting to ask where they can get it.

Phil Teakell
Health Educator
Clovis Health Office