I'm now one of the non smoking "IN" crowd

Dear Nicobloc

I have been a smoker since I was fifteen years old. I have tried to stop using the "cold turkey" method on many occasions. I didn't want to waste my money on nasty tasting nicotine gum/lozenges or the useless nicotine patches many of my friends have tried.

During the holiday season, while in the pharmacy, I was looking at the "useless" junk claiming to aid you toward a smoke free life, when I saw Nicobloc. Having never heard of it, I picked up the box and began reading. The idea of continuing to smoke while stopping really appealed to me, so I bought it.

Within the first two weeks, I went from about pack and a half a day, down to just a little more than half a pack. I loved the fact that I could stop at my own pace. The success of course didn't end there. I continued on with the program for the next few weeks. I stop right before New Years. That saved me from making some New Year's resolution I wouldn't keep.

It has been six and a half weeks and I am smoke-free. I have not had a single craving even though I am constantly around other smokers. I am trying to get them to try your wonderful product. Thank you for helping me become one of the "IN" crowd Nicobloc.

Jeannell Hottle, USA