Ideal Home Show worked for me

I'm 19 and I have been smoking since I was 14. My friends told me to try it one day so I did and it led me to get up to 20 a day and then I couldn't stop. I have tried many times to stop smoking but I have never succeeded. I didn't quite have enough will power to give up without help.

Last April I visited the Ideal home show in London and came across the Nicobloc stand. I thought that it would just be one of those waste of time stands that make your cigarette taste horrible. I tried a sample of the pink stuff and found that it didn't alter the taste of the cigarette at all. I purchased some because I really wanted to stop smoking once and for all as it was making me feel ill but I couldn't stop.

I started to use it straight away and within the first week I cut down from 15 to 10 per day. The following 2 weeks I managed to reduce my daily cigarette intake to approx 4 per day. Last week I had been smoking only half a cigarette a day.

I have not smoked a cigarette for the past 4 days now and I feel great. I no longer have the urge or desire to smoke any more and this is all thanks to Nicobloc. I strongly recommend this to anyone that wants to stop smoking, even if they think that they can't.

Thank you once again Nicobloc I feel so much cleaner and healthier already.