Gradual Reduction worked for me

My first cigarette would usually be at 6.30 am followed by the usual fit of coughing and spluttering. As a smoker of over thirty years vintage, I had watched my father going through the same routine before he died at 63 years from hardening of the arteries.

Over the years I had tried several times to give up the dreaded weed, twice succeeding but only for a period of six months at a time. I was a 30 a day man but comforted myself that I only smoked the low tar brands.

When I first read the NicoBloc leaflet, I liked the idea that I could once again try to stop, all be it at my own pace, by gradual reduction. So on November 1st 2002 I decided to take up the challenge.

My friends were of course skeptical and laughed at me applying the pink liquid. They joked that at 39.93 Euro a pop I was never going to be able to save money. Even when they noticed that I was not smoking so much as before, they ribbed me unmercifully that I was wasting my time on a fool’s errand.

Having now managed to reduce my tobacco consumption from 35 a day to an average of 5 a day after three months, they are not so skeptical any more. Sure, I’ve spent almost 200Euro on NicoBloc, but I consider this an acceptable investment in my future health. What I am most pleased about is that I am succeeding in weaning myself off the nicotine addiction and now might light up my first of the day after noon. Some days I might smoke three and on other (pressure) days it might be seven….. But that’s a hell of a lot better than 35 every day. I feel I am heading towards the day when I will just stop completely. That will be my decision at a pace dictated by myself.

NicoBloc is working for me.

Johnny Lappin