Twelve months on I'm still cigarette-free

Twelve months on:-

Just over 12 months ago NicoBloc helped me stop smoking for good. I am now officially classed as a non-smoker, something I never thought I would be.

I still continue to recommend NicoBloc to friends, family and others who are thinking of or trying to stop. Thank you ever so much for NicoBloc.

Twelve months ago:-

I was a smoker of 20 cigarettes a day for 17 years and because I was smoking the lowest nicotine brand of cigarettes on the market, I thought it would be so easy to stop. I was wrong. I was looking for a way to stop gradually at my own pace. Nicobloc was the answer. It was exactly what I needed to help me stop smoking. I rushed out and bought it as soon as it came on the market here in Australia.

Right from the first cigarette that I used Nicobloc on, I began to loose the craving for smoking and I began to smoke less and less. It was brilliant. It is a 6 week program and I stop smoking at the 5 week mark.

Nicobloc just made stopping so easy and I have recommended it to my smoking friends and I recommend it to anyone that wants to stop. I suggest you try this product and program first before you try anything else. It's wonderful.

Thank you to the inventor of this great product.

Michelle Van Sprang