From 60 to zero in six weeks

Imagine trying to stop smoking after going through 60 cigarettes every day for 45 years. Impossible? You'd never do it? Well Terry Dunne, Head Chef at Irish Refining in Whitegate has done the impossible and been free from cigarettes for the past two and a half years, thanks to NicoBloc. Since then, Terry has not only seen a change in his health but also counted the change in his pocket - he estimates that he has saved himself €15,000 and has celebrated with the purchase of a new car. "I bought three packs every day and they were always my priority," says Terry. "I couldn't believe how much extra money I had when I stopped."

Of course, being able to give up cigarettes gave Terry and his colleague Pat Harris, also taking part in the NicoBloc 'Stop Smoking' programme, much more than extra cash. Since stopping smoking both men have seen a huge change in lifestyle and all for the better - Pat, for example, can now go swimming with his children and cycle to work; something he could never have done whilst smoking 30 a day. Having unsuccessfully tried other stopping methods, Pat found that the method of using NicoBloc, having to use it on every cigarette, kept his mission to give up in the forefront of his mind and helped his commitment: "I noticed a change in usage and my consumption dropped off quickly after that. It got easier as my addiction was gradually weakened and I was ready for the final break. It was the best lifestyle decision I have ever made."

As a heavy smoker Terry was dubious that anything could help him give up, but after using NicoBloc for only 6 weeks he was able to stop completely. "I was amazed; I had no withdrawal symptoms at all. I had the odd twinge when I was having a cup of tea but it passed quickly, and now I can sit with a group of smokers and feel no temptation to light up again. I played a lot of soccer and still play a bit of tennis and feel better than ever."

Terry Dunne, Head Chef at Irish Refining