NicoBloc, The ultimate new-generation product to help you Stop Smoking

Smoking Facts

About four million people die worldwide each year as a result of smoking

NicoBloc is simple to use and contains natural ingredients that can trap up to 99% of tar and nicotine in the cigarette while you smoke.

- Nicobloc doesn't rely on traditional nicotine replacement methods and uniquely equips you for a successful attempt to quit by fully preparing you mentally and physically.

- The NicoBloc method enables you to reduce and eliminate your intake of nicotine over a gradual period without experiencing major withdrawal symptoms.

- NicoBloc is non-prescriptive and has been tested extensively in Ireland and the UK as part of the 'Rosen Stop Smoking Plan'. This plan, which involved 2,000 smokers over 10 years, showed that around 60% of users achieved their goal of quitting smoking by following the plan.

- NicoBloc is a coloured fluid that you apply to the filter of the cigarette immediately before smoking. Typically you use the product over a six week period to prepare you to quit smoking by reducing gradually your nicotine intake to allow your body to adjust gently to physical changes that occur during the drug withdrawal.

The NicoBloc pack comes with a CD ROM, which illustrates how to use the product with a short step-by-step demonstration. It also contains all the information you need to use NicoBloc successfully including a chart to record daily progress.