Well, tell me how NicoBloc works?

Smoking Facts

Smoke also contains nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide, which are harmful gases.

How can I become a non-smoker in 6 weeks?

- NicoBloc combines the breaking of the nicotine habit with a gradual reduction in the number of cigarettes you smoke. To achieve this difficult objective, NicoBloc has created a specific plan taking account of physiological and psychological aspects of smoking.

- This plan helps you set objectives for the weekly reduction in the cigarettes you smoke compared to the number of cigarettes you smoked per day before starting using NicoBloc.

- The gradual reduction of nicotine and tar makes it possible to alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal syndrome; this helps you to face the complete giving up of cigarettes with confidence.

Many smokers find it then convenient to stop smoking finally during the 6th week of treatment.

- The NicoBloc solution overcomes behavioral dependence as it includes the progressive reduction of tobacco consumption.

- The fact of having to apply the NicoBloc solution to each cigarette before smoking it breaks down your smoking routine. What's more, you have to do more and more work (by applying 2 or 3 drops of the product) in order to obtain decreasing compensation (because you are reducing the nicotine input).

All this means that you will tend to lose the desire to smoke.

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