So tell me, how is NicoBloc used?

Smoking Facts

Smoking impairs formation of new bone and women who smoke are at high risk for osteoporosis

Why will this Quit Smoking Product work better for me than nicotine patches or gum?

The patented NicoBloc solution is a fluid based on maize syrup, which, when drops are applied to the filter of your cigarette before you smoke, will trap up to 99% of its nicotine and tar content.

Week 1 Apply One NicoBloc Drop - Traps 33% of the Nicotine and Tar - reducing the addiction to nicotine and the harmful effects of tar.

Week 2 Apply Two NicoBloc Drops - Trap 66% of the Nicotine and Tar - further reducing the addiction to cigarettes.

Weeks 3-6 Apply Three NicoBloc Drops - Traps 99% of the Nicotine and Tar normally consumed and by this stage consumer trials prove that 60% of users have given up smoking.

To use it couldn't be simpler!

The NicoBloc solution does not affect the taste of the cigarette

The NicoBloc solution acts as a physical, rather than chemical, mechanism. The nicotine and tar in the smoky gaseous form are cooled by the moisture of the fluid so that they condense and stick to the filter. In this way, they become trapped in the filter and do not reach the smoker.

Each NicoBloc pack contains a dosing bottle with 15ml of fluid, which is enough for 2 weeks of treatment for a smoker consuming 20 cigarettes a day.