So tell me why NicoBloc is different?

Smoking Facts

Women who smoke tend to start menopause at an earlier age than nonsmokers

NicoBloc is completely different from any other method providing help in giving up smoking to be found on the market.

Whilst other systems help overcome the withdrawal syndrome once you have stopped smoking, Nicobloc prepares you physically and mentally and helps you before you break the habit completely.

The NicoBloc solution is not taken orally but is put on the filter of the cigarette without significantly changing its taste. Because of this, it does not have any counter-indications or interfere with any medication, so it can be used by anyone including pregnant women.

There are so many advantages of the Gradual Reduction Method compared with various nicotine replacement methods available on the market today.

- You keep smoking but slowly reduce your tobacco consumption until you stop entirely.

- There are no withdrawal symptoms, as NicoBloc helps your body adapt gradually to the reduction of nicotine levels at the same time as the number of cigarettes smoked is also being reduced.

- The NicoBloc solution is not ingested; you apply it to the cigarette filter.

- NicoBloc blocks the ingestion of nicotine and harmful tar, which causes cancer, by up to 99%.

- Perfect tolerance. It can be used by anyone (pregnant women, diabetics, etc).

- It does not have any counter-indications or produce undesired effects.

- Average treatment period = 6 weeks.

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