So tell us, how so we apply NicoBloc to a cigarette?

Smoking Facts

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It's very easy, just follow the steps below!

Step 1 :- Make a deep indentation into the cigarette filter with the bottle nozzle

Step 2 :- Squeeze the correct amount of NicoBloc fluid into the filter immediately before you smoke it. Follow the complete application process 2 or 3 times as required, applying one drop each time, rather than applying double or treble size drops. Allow each drop to soak in before applying the next drop.

Step 3 :- Use the nozzle to spread the fluid, so that it covers the total filter surface.

Step 4 :- Squeeze the filter a few times, this helps it to absorb the fluid.

Step 5 :- Light the cigarette and immediately take a strong first draw, before smoking the cigarette as normal.

The NicoBloc solution does not affect the taste of the cigarette

Note: When applying 2 drops during the second week and 3 drops from the third week onwards, you should follow the steps described one by one. That is to say you should not apply all the drops without following the 4 steps that we have just described.

- The NicoBloc solution should be applied to the filter immediately prior to smoking.

- It should not be applied to all the cigarettes in the pack at the same time.

- The solution remains active for about 5 minutes after being applied.

- Thereafter, it dries out and becomes ineffective.

On the next pages are some frequently asked questions and answers that should help you understand how the NicoBloc plan can finally help you to kick the smoking habit for good.