What Advantages are there to using NicoBloc to Quit Smoking?

Smoking Facts

Children of mothers who smoke have higher than normal risks of developing asthma

NicoBloc helps you towards a clear objective, that of helping you to Stop Smoking. It is not a method that replaces those currently available; it simply provides a new option based on a recommended method for managing to stop smoking.

- The Gradual Reduction Method is optimised with the aid of NicoBloc, you can smoke your normal cigarette brand but the NicoBloc reduces the level of harmful tar and nicotine from entering your lungs.

- There are many smokers, like you, who have tried and failed to give up smoking before using exclusively pharmaceutical (NRT) methods. These smokers are now looking for an alternative and NicoBloc could just be that successful alternative.

- There is a substantial group of smokers who want to give up smoking and who are looking for help from methods other than strictly pharmaceutical ones, out of fear or concern about the secondary effects of the (NRT) medications involved.

- Although NicoBloc is made from 100% food ingredients and is totally safe to eat, it is not taken by the smoker but applied to the cigarette where it prevents the tar and nicotine from entering the body (depending on how many drops of NicoBloc are put on the cigarette).

In this way, NicoBloc is safer to use than other drug-based therapies. However it doesn't make cigarettes safer to smoke, it is a means to an end i.e. quitting smoking cigarettes gradually over a period of about six weeks.

Continue your journey through the next few pages to find out how NicoBloc works at helping you to kick the habit for good.