So what can you tell me about this Gradual Reduction Method called NicoBloc?

Smoking Facts

Smoking can affect blood vessels in the brain as it does in the heart, increasing the risk for dementia from small or major strokes.

Well, It's a stop smoking method that teaches your body how to stop smoking - just like the way you learned to smoke - when you tasted that first cigarette. You now need to "Unlearn" how to smoke and train your body not to need nicotine.

NicoBloc is part of a Gradual Reduction Method specifically designed to help you to give up smoking within 6 weeks. It has been used successfully by thousands of other smokers, before you, to stop smoking.

With its completely revolutionary concept, NicoBloc follows the well-known route of the Gradual Reduction in the Ingestion of Nicotine and Tar, by a combination of two methods :

- Progressive reduction in the number of cigarettes you smoke over a period of approximately 6 weeks, by following a programme in which you set goals to reduce weekly the number of cigarettes you smoke. Remember others have done it successfully - you can too!

- Gradually breaking the nicotine addiction habit by simply applying drops (the special NicoBloc fluid) to the filter of your cigarette, which absorbs up to 99% of nicotine and the deadly tar which causes cancer.

- The gradual breaking of the nicotine habit enables you to reduce your daily consumption of cigarettes so you can face the final abandonment of the smoking habit with greater confidence. You are now a healthy non-smoker!

NicoBloc is not a substitute for current methods of breaking the tobacco habit. It is a new, non-therapeutic alternative that contributes an important new element by focusing on a health problem as important as giving up smoking.

On the next page you will find how the Unique NicoBloc Method is very different to other smoking cessation methods you may have tried and failed to quit smoking with in the past - like the nicotine replacement therapies of gum and patches.